This will actually make the pins to wiggle and thus, you get immediate access to the door or the lock as he pins are moved in the perfect way and you can now get into the house. Along with all these reasons the fact that lock bumping Keys are reasonable and effortlessly made makes it a serious threat! It is often the case that the bumping or lock picking is considered as a crime and you do not have to do it to any other house except your house. You can only do it if you have the authority.

In a struggle to strive against all the sites on the web that support the criminal use bumping a lock there are also public service sites available on internet like lock which provides alertness and different ways of protecting your home from lock bumping. There are various ways  , and experts  concerned regarding this matter , but the standard consensus came down to the assumption , of a greater security level of lock ! Yes the guaranteed way avoid your home from lock bump is installing locks of high security grade. But its disadvantage is its more costly however you can buy it from local Stamford locksmith or home store.